An Interview With Eva Maurice, Spiritual Counselor

I had the pleasure to interview Eva Maurice. After our inspirational interview, I had one regret: that I did not have the opportunity to take note of Eva's message earlier on in my life! As Eva explains in her interview, we can hear the same words from several speakers and it does not resonate. But, the same message from a speaker that shares our language, and we can hear it load and clear. Eva has a gift of giving messages her own interpretation with a delivery and resonance that can transform your life. Eva is a sought after public speaker with an upcoming book entitled "40 Days of Self Love: An Urban Gal's Guide to Spirituality". Read the article below to not only become inspired, but to learn how the 40 days of Self Love can be brought into your life with a special offer for HealthPRO readers!

How do you explain what you do to the layperson?

I am a spiritual counselor. I work with people one on one, mostly on the phone but depending on the situation, it can also be in person. I am a workshop facilitator and teach Self Love, meditation, true romance and divine relationship. A large number of my workshops are on prosperity and can range anywhere from 3 hours to a full 3 day retreat.

The favourite part of my work is public speaking. Whenever I get asked to speak somewhere, I am there, no hesitation! This is what I love to do more than anything. It is usually people’s biggest fear in life and it is my excitement.

Do you feel that you may have a certain advantage over people with a natural inclination to be a public speaker?

I am told I was a very rambunctious child. I was a kid that hung a sheet and pretended it was a stage and asked my mom and all of her friends to watch the play or comedy sketch I was doing. So yes, it is naturally in my DNA makeup. For the most part nobody else in my family stepped out in that kind of way, but I did enjoy it at a young age. My Mum recognized that and got me into theatre. I was doing amateur community theatre as a kid and continued acting through high school. In college I majored in theatre. For a long time I thought that was really where my passion is.

What I really loved about theatre was doing new work. I loved doing the classics and was grateful to be in plays like Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. But what I really loved more than anything was taking somebody's words that had never been acted before and bringing them to life. So I worked with new writers and directors which is where I found my love for interpretation, which I continue to this day.

In reality there is nothing new to teach but a million new ways to interpret. That is where my strength comes in. I can read and listen and watch and gather information and then just let it go. I will subsequently come back to it and interpret it in a way that people who speak my language, and who like the way I talk and understand the way I convey messages, will get it.

They will have heard the message one hundred times but for some reason this time they hear it and it makes sense.

Describe your background and your experience before you became a Spiritual Counselor

After college I really thought I was going to be an actress and moved to LA. I started down that path but found out I did not have that competitive edge. Unfortunately it is who you know or who you are prepared to step over and I was not willing to do that. It did not feel comfortable.

I was working at a cosmetic counter in a domestic department store when I was recruited into the beauty and spa industry, also known as The Wellness Industry. For 25 years I worked for major brands like Aveda that were sold in spas. I was what you would call a Sales Representative or Sales and Marketing Trainer. I went to really high end resorts to teach their staff how to do facials and massages. Also how to sell, market and promote their products which included everything from designing the visual design of their shelves to planning their events and working one on one with their team.

This was in the early 1990s when there was a massive movement towards spirituality. The spa industry really saw that and they embraced it. Deepak Chokra would come and talk at our sales meetings. I was also fortunate to see so many amazing speakers really early on like Wayne Dyer. I was blown away. I remember sitting in sales meetings and watching these people on the stage talking and sharing and being of service. And I remember thinking, “That is what I want to do! That is who I want to be!”

It sounds like a dream job! Why did you leave the Spa Industry?

It all seems so glamorous from the outside. I would be flying to Italy one week and then New York and Vegas the next. People would approach me all the time and say I want to be you! I was going to spas and it was awesome back in the day. Often the Spa Director would treat you to services and you had an expense account to take people out for dinner.

But there were a lot of the pieces such as sales pressure and needing to be on the road as much as 25 days out of a month.

I was unhappy. I don’t think my unhappiness had that much to do with the industry, I think more than anything it had to do with the fact that there was not a lot information. In the early days we had great speakers but we did not learn how to implement what they said. As time went on the focus began to shift a little bit and the spa industry was actually looked at as a source of spirituality: taking time for yourself; taking a break; finding balance. But a lot of people within the spa industry did not know how to do it for themselves so it was difficult to teach it.

How did you transition towards Spirituality?

At the peak of my career when I was covering all of North America as a Sales Director, I realized my life was really out of balance. I really wanted to start a family and could not imagine it with my current job responsibility. Having reached my peak I slowly started to step down. My last job was Regional Manager covering the South West. I was ready to make a transition.

Once pregnant in my early thirties I worked all through my pregnancy. I was in LA when I had my son and I was given 3 months off which is really great for the spa industry. During that time I realized I have to figure out how to bring balance to my life.

After my 3 month maternity leave, I went back to work with a nanny. The nanny would travel with me and my son whilst I would train and teach. It was too much for me. People have a nanny and a dog walker and can balance it all and enjoy it. I wanted something different, I wanted a slower pace.

When my son was 10 months my then husband joined a partner in Sedona to work on an endeavour. I had the opportunity to have a whole year of being a stay at home mum and it was the most amazing transformative years of my life. It was so beautiful.

But after the year was over things changed in my life. I went through a divorce, foreclosure bankruptcy and everything came crashing down around me. And it was during that year, which from the outside looked so dark and so desperate, that really got me to my knees, to my spirituality and it brought me to a place of knowing that I never wanted to be so out of balance again. That is really when I began my Gratitude practice. I started looking at the little things; the beauty of my little son, the beauty of the red rocks, and the beauty of the fact that even though my body was achy, it worked just fine.

I went back into the industry again, this time with a little bit of a different perspective. But I found myself getting out of balance yet again. Sometimes hitting rock bottom once is not enough, we have to go down and bounce off the bottom a couple of times before we really rise to the top!

Fast forward to my 40th birthday and I was burning the candle at both ends. My son was only 3 or 4 years old at the time and I decided I needed to make a big change in my life. The company I was working for at the time were kind enough to work with me so that I could go back to school. I studied Spiritual Psychology and I mentored with somebody amazing in Sedona.

Through a process of about of 2 years I made the decision to leave my “corporate job” entirely and I began my one on one spiritual counselling practice. And the rest is history.

How did you feel starting your own Spiritual Counseling Practice?

In this moment, in this big transition in my life, I did not do a lot of research on how to be a coach and what are the chances of being successful in the spiritual counseling industry. I did not want to know, because I wanted to have that feeling you get with beginner's luck: that innocence of inspiration. It is not something that you can just get, it is something that you are so fortunate to allow in your life. And I think because I had that naivety I was able to step into it. I just went for it! And my practice to this day is built on referrals. I started by giving it away for free and slowly starting to charge small sums of money. My practice went from a couple of clients a week and now I am maxed out on 20 and I cannot do any more than 20 a week it is too much.

How did the workshops and Public Speaking evolve?

It just happened naturally. I learned about spirituality, I learned about psychology, I did everything from sermons at unity churches. I would speak at conferences and festivals. It was a very natural progression.

The first retreat I solely led was a collection of my clients. I remember thinking, “Why don’t I just bring my clients together for a weekend and see what happens?” I also have the ability for some reason to trust that when I get together in a group of men and women the group itself generates what needs to be talked about. I always have an idea, an outline. I am getting on plane to Orange County, California in a few hours to teach a workshop on Self Love to a skincare company. I have an outline, I know what I want to teach: I am going to teach the four steps, the foundation of Self Love, but the way I am going to teach will not reveal itself until I am in front of the group. And I will be able to feel, by tuning into intuition, and reading the room, I will be able to know how to teach. I will be able to pick up on their language and their energy so if I had a plan to teach ABC I can shift, so maybe C comes before A. You have to be able to read the room. I think that is a gift, for anyone who enjoys public speaking to really be able to read your audience. So that was always natural for me. When I decided to get my clients together to do a retreat that is really what I did. I let them guide where the retreat was going to go. That first experience was really beautiful. I remember every single person who was there and I cherish them and keep in touch with all of them.

What are the major learning tools you gained in your transition to Spiritual Counselor?

My training gave me the basis of learning who I am. And as you know yourself the better, the more you can love yourself. And the more that you love yourself, the more you can give love to others. The more you love others, the more you can understand them and offer them support.

You have to have it to give it, you cannot give something that you do not have and that is really where we fall short as a species. We try to give what we do not have and we just get more and more depleted. A lot of women, and men for sure, but a lot of women are trying to balance work, home, partners and kids and taking care of themselves. The first thing to go is taking care of themselves. The very first thing that most women will put aside is the time to meditate. That will be the first thing to go out of their schedule. Or the time to get a massage or to move their body or to give gratitude or write in their journal. These are the first things to go out the window when time gets on a crunch. And let's face it, most of us today are in a time crunch.

I am not saying my spiritual counseling training is not serving me as it is serving me every day and I pull on it every day with every client. In hindsight my corporate America job in the wellness industry really prepared me more than anything else could. Part of my job was working and training people in the industry and supporting them where they were. Quite often after a training of how to sell this eye cream, people would stay on and ask me questions that had nothing to do with the training we were doing. That is when I started realizing that the part of my job that I loved the most was working with the people. I loved working with my clients so much and I really cared about them. And that was a big clue to me later on to work 1 on 1 with people and in groups too. So the whole retreats and workshops just came naturally. There was never really a big plan about how that would evolve: it was just natural.

Can you tell me the inspiration behind your book, “40 Days of Self Love: an Urban Gal’s Guide to Spirituality”

I would talk to my clients for an hour on the phone. They would feel really excited and motivated and clear. Then they would hang up the phone and they would be back into their day to day reality and feel a little lost. I said that I would do a 40 day program with all my clients, for free. Once a week we will have a group call and I will talk about that week's assignment, then the whole week they will focus on that assignment.

For example if the assignment was Gratitude we would have a call about gratitude on Monday; they will check in with their friends or their partners who are working with them on Wednesday; they will get an email on Friday and then we come back together on Monday and talk about the next topic. I did not know what was going to happen each week. I was still under the spell of, “Well why don’t we just try it and see what happens?” I really trusted that spirit and force was going to speak through me and something great was going to happen. I feel so blessed I have that ability.

Over the course of the 6 weeks the book wrote itself, the weeks became the chapters. With the loving support of a friend who is also in the industry I recently wrote the book proposal. I am starting to get glimpses of what it would be like to go out and speak about the book and I am getting very excited!

Homework features largely in your programme as a tool to help your clients incorporate the programme into their lives. Do you also use these tools in your own life?

I am still very human and get into those situations where I need to reach out and phone a friend. And there are moments when I want to yell, "Somebody help me, I am stuck!" But we do not always have the opportunity to stop everything we are doing and phone a friend or stop and get a massage or stop and do a meditation. So I have been working on a kind of emergency SOS tool for my clients that are in a fast paced environment. This is currently where we are right now:

The Meaning Behind SOS Emergency Tools

The first S: surrender: surrender to what is happening.

You are trying to make a sale and it is not happening: surrender to it; You are so busy you cannot even see straight: surrender to it; You are in an argument with your partner: surrender to it; You do not give up: you just surrender to what is.

You have to be just honest with where you are and say: this is how it is, I feel horrible right now - I am going to surrender to that. This is not working the way I want to - I am going to surrender to that.

Another great word for surrender is accept: I am just going to accept:

O: do what is obvious

There is always something so obvious and we know this will really help but - I don’t want to do that. Because Ego comes in and says, if we do what is obvious we do not know what happens next. So if we keep feeling bad, if we keep pushing back, if we keep being the victim, if we keep playing afraid, we know what comes next. And the ego wants nothing more than to know what comes next.

So doing the obvious thing that you know will help:

If you are fighting with your partner the obvious thing is: take a break: “Honey I need a break. I've got to go and gather myself. I am going to keep fighting with you and I do not want to. I am going to go in the other room!” That is obvious.

I am so exhausted and I am so tired I can’t see straight!” Well it is obvious -stop. Stop doing what you are doing and take a break. You are going to hurt somebody if you don’t.

The last S has 2 options:

1)To be of service: we need to ask ourselves, "How can I be of service?"

There are so many great stories of people who are in absolute despair and they are stressed out and they are worried and they do not know what to do. And the number one thing that shifts your energy is to be grateful for what you have and be of service to someone that has less. Sava is a Sanskrit word of selfless service. So be in service, be in sava; find someone that needs what you have and give it to them.

2) Don’t take yourself so seriously

How can I be so upset about something so ridiculous? Don’t take yourself so seriously! We are so lucky, we are so fortunate, we are so blessed and we get so caught up on the craziest things. Turn on the music in your kitchen and dance; turn on your car and listen to your cell phone; be silly; allow yourself to be silly and stop taking everything so seriously!

Even in serious situations life and death illness tragedy trauma a lot of situations that a lot of us go through in our lives even in the most serious situation there is room for laughter. Even in the most horrific situation there is room for gratitude, there is room for surrender. I think that has really helped me over the years. It is a developed skill. A lot of people can see humour and feel light hearted naturally. It is a learned habit.

What are the rituals and practices that support you?

We all know it is all very well to go to a retreat or workshop even some kind of spiritual centre and have some kind of service. That is wonderful and I encourage that all the time. But to really bring it into our day to day lives we need to have rituals, we need to have habits and daily practices that remind us of what we are really truly capable of and the amount of love that we desire and truly deserve. The goal is to shift our lives from falling into negative patterns and instead focus on having these really beautiful spiritual habits. We have to create a vision of what our personal foundations of Self Love will look like.

Over time I have realized that certain practices have really supported me and I encourage my clients to also look at these practices.

So for me that foundation looks like:

1) Morning Meditation: The first thing I do when I get up in the morning

2) Journaling. I move straight into journaling. This is where my great ideas come through and I feel safe to get out my emotions on a page. It is beautiful venting! And then I do not need to vent passive aggressively throughout the day. That is what happens to couples. They are upset about something else but they don’t have a place to vent so they take it out on their partner or they take it out on their kids or take it out on their parents.

3) Gratitude. Throughout the day I make time for Gratitude. I tell my clients to set their alarm for 9, noon and 3 and give a moment of gratitude. My gratitude practice is to say: "I am grateful that my friend brought me a cup of coffee; I am grateful for the coffee; I am grateful for my friend. The last step is to say, "I am grateful that I had the ability to have the desire and feel deserving enough to create such a beautiful friendship with my friend". The final step is giving the gratitude back to yourself. That means you are elevated and can build up the feeling of self-worth and deservability. You can desire more and receive more because you feel deserving of it.

4) Taking time to move my body: My biggest nemesis is moving my body daily. I swear to god I would stay in bed and watch Sex and the City all day if I could as I am not a natural athletic person! My practice is to move my body first thing in the morning - even dancing in the kitchen counts. When you move your body you are releasing the old cells that no longer serve you. Every cell in our body is imprinted with positive or negative imagery of our past. And as you move your body you can imagine those old cells releasing. And new cells rejuvenating and being imprinted with a positive imprint. Now it gives you more meaning to your movement,. You are not moving just to get skinny or healthy or strong - those are great side effects of moving your body! But what if we were moving to rejuvenate our cellular structure? What if we were moving to let out what no longer serves us and bring in what will serve us for the future? That is a lot more inspirational to me than wiggling away at my waist! Every day you have the chance to rejuvenate.

This is what the 40 days of Self Love is all about, it is about grounding it into your life. It is about creating ritual and habits that just became part of your life. You just naturally wake up, stretch and start your meditation. It becomes part of your life, like brushing your teeth. And I like to teach meditation using a mala. They have a purpose and they help keep the egoic mind, the busy body mind, busy. And if you can keep the ego mind busy than your divine mind can come to peace. Then your divinity, your source, the higher good within each of us can come out and be your guide. But stilling your mind is the most important thing you can do, at least once a day.

It seems that we need to find a balance outside of our homes and within our homes in order to create a solid foundation for Self Love?

Going outside to retreats, workshops, spiritual centres or a yoga class, is nourishing. That can be likened to grocery shopping. You are going to collect what you need. You are going to get a nice basket of vegetables, some salmon and wild rice. When you come home you are going to prepare it and every time you eat you are nourishing yourself. I am a big believer and promoter of going on that 5 day retreat, go to that workshop, go listen to that person speak. You go out and get your groceries, you bring them home and then really experiment. Learn: when I eat this food, this is how I feel. When I meditate in the morning, I feel transformed the rest of my day. When I journal, I feel like this. When I move my body, I feel so much more vital. Pay attention. Just as we know: when I eat gluten, I feel awful, I feel heavy and bloated. Well when I do not meditate, I feel lost, I feel dizzy and I do not feel focused. It is the same thing. So you can’t just cook at home, unless you have something to cook. So maybe you can’t get out. So you watch YouTube, you watch podcasts, you watch things and you read things, and you learn things. You are still gathering your groceries. But now you can go out in the world as well. There is no lack of spiritual guidance available that's for sure, you we have so many places to turn to get that.

What are your goals for the future?

Now my life is coming full circle. About a year and a half ago I started thinking about reconnecting with some old colleagues from the Spa industry. As I connected I was listening to them and hearing what is good and not good. I realized there could be a big opportunity for me help people that are in the same place I was several years ago. They may be really unhappy only because they don't know how to use the tools. Everybody knows what meditation is, they may not know how to do it but they know what it is, everybody knows the benefits of meditating and giving gratitude and moving your body but so few of us actually do them. So I had this vision of going to my old product companies to teach all I have learned since I left the industry. It so happens that a lot of the people I talked to were very interested. It is new for me to be venturing out and to bring experience and insights into how to stay in balance back to my industry of origin. I am very excited.

Maybe all the time I spent in that industry was not just to learn and be grateful for what I had but to bring it back to the industry and help the industry be even stronger and better!

What is your Message to our Readers?

I believe that self love is the foundation of all evolution. We must love ourselves so that we can create a basis of strength, of courage and nourishment in order to succeed in our careers, in our relationships, in our physical health and in our personal creativity. Self Love is the foundation of all evolution!

I really believe that and I try to practice that every day.

And I would like to give HealthPRO readers the opportunity to have that experience.

The 6 week programme, 40 Days to Self Love, that is the basis for my book currently on its way to the publishers, can be purchased on my website. With the purchase you get a weekly video, worksheet and meditation for six consecutive weeks. There is also an option to do a call with me.

Normally the programme is 300 dollars. I would love to offer to all of your readers for only 99 dollars and they can even bring a friend. So 2 people can go through the 6 weeks 40 days of Self Love programme for less than a 100 bucks. They bring a friend not just because it is great to share it with a friend but because then they can use that friend as their support. They can watch the video on Monday, start doing the meditation Wednesday, but by Thursday you are already falling off the bus because that is what we all do, forget! But if they have a partner who is doing it with them, they can call up their partner and say, “Did you do it today? Me neither. Let’s do it now!” It makes a huge difference to do it with a friend.

I hope that HealthPRO readers will enjoy and gain from 6 weeks of guidance and support!

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