Exploring Akashic Records:    An Interview with Teza Zialcita

I had the pleasure of interviewing Teza, someone who has experienced a huge amount of intense personal grief and with that, deepened her spiritual and clairvoyant skills to help others. With over ten years experience of Akashic Records, Reiki and Crystal healing, Teza has created her own Om Healing Community with the goal of helping new Practitioners navigate and thrive in the world of Healing.

How would you describe what you do to the layperson?

For twenty seven years I have been a full time nurse. This is my last year. I am 55 and taking early retirement.

Ten years ago I opened up my home for healing. My main healing practices are Reiki, Akashic Records and Crystals.

A year ago, I founded The Om Healing Community to bring awareness for alternative modalities. All of this came from my large family upbringing. I am from a family of 10 people and grew up with 25 people in our home. Here in New Westminster I have recreated my tribe! We have about 22 vendors. My personal touch is to interview each person and promote them so it really is a platform to help new Practitioners rise and shine.

And give them wings to fly!

Which of the therapeutic modalities is your main focus?

My alternative healing practice is Akashic Records. I am a soul healer. I open the book of life: the soul.

How did this evolve?

Ten years ago I studied Akashic Records, which are recorded memories of your soul. Akash is a Sanskrit word that means ether, sky or primordial substance, basically before anything becomes a form. Everything, like consciousness, are a collective, a field of energy, so the history and evolution is written in the ether.

Many books have been written about Akashic Records, for example, by scientist Ervin Laszlo. I also have become a published author, writing about my experiences of healing and I am now working on my third book.

How do you manage to incorporate all that you do?

I am a full time nurse from 7am-3pm. I come home, I rest and then at 6 pm I open up my home for a group of people. Sometimes I have a private client. I literally just share.

When did you know you were destined to be a Soul Healer?

It all originated from my near death experience at the age of two. I was in hospital and declared clinically dead of diphtheria. I had an out of body experience. And so in my childhood I had no veil of separation: I see spirits and ghosts.

I saw my mum carrying my body and then I went into a deep dark space. All through the years I have been asking, "Where is the light and the tunnel people talk about? Where did I go? Why was it dark?" In 2008 when I studied my Akashic Records, my own records, my own soul’s journey, the answer to this question was revealed to me. Whilst in a Reiki healing massage my soul was taken into a room which was like the Garden of Eden with a huge tree and all these archetypal angels were preparing me. It was like a vision but I was in it. Whilst I was still alive here, my spirit was growing in the Angels Realm, in the paradise. This is called a Multidimensional state.

A fragment of my spirit went into that realm and I came back here. When I opened my eyes back on the Reiki table I recognized my true calling here. It put me in a space where I had no fear, no doubt, no excuses.

So I became a writer right there.

What is your impetus for writing?

I am a Mystic,a Medium who lives in two different worlds. In 1997 my brother and my niece died within 2 days. They are my Guardians. My eldest brother, the disciplinarian of the family and a professional writer, came to me in my dreams three times in a row. He would say, “Write your book from your heart, do not worry about English being your second language!” I challenged myself by writing. I began with 500 words and then it went into a 1000 and now when I sit down my writing doesn't stop until the spirit and I get exhausted.

I have already published two books, "Universal Conscious Self: Simple Steps To Connect To Your True Essence" and "Ions of Manifestation: Manifesting Your Heart's Desires." My editor, a holistic healer from LA, is coming here on vacation for a week, in time for the future publication of my third book "Cosmic Soul". I am currently in the flow of writing my next book, “Sacred Sexuality”. This book is about claiming our power as women and releasing the “prince charming enchantment” that were imprinted in our feminine psyche in the collective consciousness. Claiming back our worth, value and sacredness of sexuality. In order to have this power, we have to recognize the different ways that we built walls around our sexual issues and situations.

Concurrent to all, I am writing a book for my son, Theo, who died in November, “The Journey Of A Grieving Mother”.

Tell me more about your son, Theo

Theo died in November at the age of 33 by suicide. Both my son, Theo, and myself, are holding the karma of sexual abuse. I was abused by my father as an infant and at the same period of time, I was also being molested by my babysitters. He was sexually abused by his cousin when he was 2 years old, almost like my karma. It is really heavy. But in the heaviness of this I find light. Without the Akashic knowledge that I have I wouldn't be this strong. When he died I could not sleep for a week. I had an epiphany and I woke up that his soul exists incarnated to be my son and carry the same karma of sexual abuse.

I was bringing him to counseling and for years of counseling I was literally healing my inner child. I am in the midst of all these things which are bringing big transitions.

How do you manage your own healing through this process?

In Akashic Records the person comes and I open their personal book of life. So I get information. Because I am a clairvoyant I can hear messages and see a vision of their past life or medium shifts if a person died. I open their records to help release anything that is going on in their life. After the session I literally open my own book of life to clear me from imprints or resonance. So the more I open the records of people, the more it is my ascension process. It is very powerful. You are on top of your highest potential.

What makes Akashic Records so effective?

I did healing sessions with two of my own sisters. I went to LA and spent time with them. The healing of breast cancer is actually about the imprints of submission, not having self love, no respect for sexuality of the woman who is the divine. This is the writing of the divine family and goddess. This is what I am tapping into. I receive messages and I transmute that by rewriting the soul's journey to find their strengths and their healing power. I am just a channel. I go where I am called. People come to me for records that need to be re-written so we are literally rewriting the records and then these people shift. They become powerful, they become peaceful and happy: those are the gifts.

When you see people shift, does this then change other areas beyond the person in front of you?

It changes everything,it changes your soul your mind your body.The soul is a hologram which consists of: Your physical dimensions; Your mental thoughts; Your emotional body; Your astral.

When you are sleeping your astral is travelling. Your soul is a huge expansive energy like the universe. Your soul has manifested in this realm, which we call earth. I learned from opening up my Akashic records that I am from that lineage, from the DNA, to recalibrate and reawaken that death is eternal. There is no death. Death is only in the human consciousness of physical dimension. But when you die you have a rebirth to the eternal realm. So because of that I have chosen to come here with this imprint that I am holding in my DNA, in my consciousness, in my memory. I have come back to rebirth a new dimension, a new field of my perception and vision to help the collective. That is the mission that I have.

As a child I already knew my mission to be a holistic healer. I thought I wanted to be a doctor but then I realized I am a doctor of the soul! I actually have doctors come to me. I wrote one chapter with Doctor Rukavena who is a mystical medical doctor. The chapter is called, “The Law of Integration”. I find that I am putting a tapestry together. I interweave this thread of mystery that a human consciousness cannot comprehend as we are tapping into the universal mind. When I tap into the universal mind there is no limitations and no boundaries.

How do people learn the knowledge for Akashic Records?

I teach them Akashic Records. People do not need a background to be able to do this. We are already tapping into the records as we are interactive.

The soul is a living entity within your body so when you are doing your healing or your art you are already tapping into your imprint. Because you are not conscious this is actually a sacred path which was handed to me by the teachers. Ten years ago I met a teacher who opened my Akashic Record so it is actually a prayer, an initiation and that takes you to consult and to consciously open your records and do your journaling. Basically you open records, you ask a prayer and then you write. I do my writing with my records open: that is the only difference with writers. I light my candle and I connect to the pure channel of my soul, my higher self, in a sacred space. Last night when I wrote my biography about my sexual history for the book “Sacred Sexuality”, I suddenly had 3 chapters of a channeled message that I know is not from me. It is very expansive, it is very innovative. I have never heard that way of perception. It is a channeled energy. Channeled words. The words comes from a different entity.

When you see their records and it could be something disturbing, what do you do?

When I open the records I tell the person so then they can clear that. They come to the session to release. Some of them may be having nightmares or some entities that have been hanging out there. So they come and I tell them what I see and then they release. It is very cathartic.

Do people see you as a spiritual leader?

I am a spiritual leader even in the nursing community. They come to me. There have been about a hundred or more residents who died when I was with them or beside them. I am like a portal. In my nursing field I used to work 8 years of night shift and they would die when I am there because I lead them to the light. They do not have family members. One of my heart aches as a nurse is that the family members do not care and do not come when their elders are dying. It is really a sad place.

That was my calling to be there for them. And now I am being called to be outside. I see the nursing home as my monastic life with my service. And I see the calling to be out creating the Om Healing Community and bring the humility back into the Healers. I feel like there is so much healing that healers need to do that they do not teach. I see that humility is missing. The divine connection, the spark of compassion and kindness, is lacking. Healers can end up being competitive instead of shining with their pure light and compassion for everything and everyone. They lose that part.

So I have found collaboration and support in the Om Healing Community. I feel that I have healed the healers! So they come to the event, they want to sell their product or services. I spend one day with them to do an interview and help people promote themselves, to help them shine. My interview with them is my personal touch. The conversation we share during the day we spend together elevates their healing and we become like soul sisters. That is the beauty of our Om community.

You also have another love - of Crystals!

The crystals are my saving grace. My house is full of crystals.

And how did they come into your life?

When I was a child I always wanted my Mother's rings and jewelry. I remember this black onyx ring. My mother was always looking for it asking, “Where is my onyx?” And I would reply, “I used it!” I adored the ring and the earrings.

My Uncle, who died a long time ago, worked in the mining industry. When I was a child in the Philippines he was like our “raiders of the lost ark”. He would come home in his truck and he would bring medical plants to my mom who suffered from Psoriasis. I would see them boiling this plant and drinking teas. And then he would bring rocks: onyx and amethyst. And I was so excited touching the crystals.

Then I came here to Canada and I started having this communication with the crystals. I am like a fairy! On the night of my birthday I went to Harrison Hot Spring for what I call an Enchanting Evening. I brought crystals and cards and at midnight I light candles and communicate and talk with them. I also communicate with nature. As a child I would talk to animals and plants. I never lost that. One day I was sleeping and woke up and hear all these noises like children talking at the same time. And I am like - “Whoa! What is this?” And I did not get an answer. I thought they were children. I went on my retreat and later went to this crystal store and saw Tumblestone. I hear the noise again. Then I put together the connection. This stone is talking. I bought 50 of them with the sales girl wondering what is going on! Then it became my tradition that anyone that comes into contact with me for healing receives one of the crystal stones. It became my gift to everyone I touch. Even in the nursing home we have crystals.

I know instinctively what each person needs.

Even my own family, the family who were religious, now became crystal lovers

I call myself, the Crystal Soul Guide.

Do you find there is a connection between your Crystals and The Akashic Records?

The people that are not ready to open their soul or their record would be connecting through the crystal before they can touch the record. Sometimes people would need a resonance with the chemistry of the earth. If, for example, they are carrying sexual abuse and they are still very vulnerable they may feel that they cannot come to a healer and share this pain or it is just not the time for their healing. But they may come to crystals and this crystal would open their heart and open them in the crystalline field. And then they are able to feel at home and safe to do healing with the full healer.

The more you delve, the more you spend time with the Crystals, it is actually like children. They are the children of mother earth, because they grow in mother earth.

You mentioned earlier that you are connected to The Angels Realm. Can you tell us more about this?

I am still connected to the Angels Realm. I would dream about angels before a person comes to me to open up their records, before something wild. Like I dreamed of a portal, I saw this portal, like heaven. There was a family, 3 children, a husband and wife by the ocean. And then I woke up and said, “I want to go back to the dream”.

So I went back into the dream.

And then suddenly I was choking and felt like I was dying. And the angel said, “She is very smart but she does not understand the meaning”.

I woke up and I got scared. I thought I was dying.

Then suddenly the phone rang and it was my brother who has three children and lives in San Diego by the ocean. My brother told me, “I was dying last night of pneumonia and I am in the hospital right now and they diagnosed me with kidney failure and would you be my kidney organ donor?”

I said to him, “You know, the angel already told me, and I will be your donor.”

For two years my brother would call me every week and all the tests were positive that I am a positive giver for him.

But it did not happen.

He would call me every week for two years and then said, “Basically I am suffering, I am in so much pain I cannot take this any more”.

I said, “What is keeping you here?”

He said he is scared that his son has no future, he has no school, no education, nothing.

I said to him, “Let go of your fear, your son is there for you because he loves you. He is scared that he is losing you so he wants to spend time with you instead of going to school”.

After I said that he died after one week around the family.

He was able to let go of his fear.

And the son now is successful.

Angels are a big part of my life.