An Interview With Lisa Meta Griff, Creative Director of Metamorfize and Co-Founder of The "Who Am I?" Breath + Movement Workshops.

Lisa Meta Griff has a unique scientific approach to spirituality and healing, which she calls "The Science of Change™". In the interview below, Lisa shares her approach to helping clients understand their relationship with, and capacity to, change and how important it is to understand how the mind works in order to challenge our patterns of thought. This in turn leads to a more fulfilling and empowered life that will not only increase one’s confidence and self esteem, but enhance relationships, health, work and personal interactions.

How would you describe what you do?

I call myself a Next Level coach. No matter where you are on your path, I support you to go to the next level in your business, lifestyle, health and/or mindset. I help people become the creator of their lives.

What is the basis of your work?

My work is based on a process I created called "The Science of Change™".

We are always moving through different transitions in life, so having a relationship with change and understanding our own unique way of thinking, making decisions and taking action serves to reduce the frustration and stress we may experience around it. I find people are suffering way more than need be.

My background is in graphic design, business coaching, breathwork and meditation. So, I support people to go to their own personal next level and that innately holds the need for change (with their emotions, choices, decisions and actions).

So, when we can learn to reframe our brains to align our thoughts with our goals, magic happens!

How does your passion for science influence your work?

I grew up in a family with a lot of science around me. My father and two brothers are chemical and mechanical engineers, so I learned to look at things from a very problem solving perspective.

The rewiring of our thoughts and the biodynamic breathwork are rooted in science in that they heal the body at a cellular level.

I think it’s very important that people understand how their minds work and how to change a thought that might be looping over and over and ultimately creating the results around them they’re not happy with.

If you don’t like your results, you’ve got to look to your thoughts.

This is easier said than done, of course, particularly when it comes to the thoughts linked to our old programming. But, if we can learn to consciously uncover this old programming, we can begin to change the course of those thoughts and reprogram our brains. The study of this (Neuroplasticity and Neurosculpting) is getting more and more advanced and so we’re able to dive into understanding the intricacies of our complex mind with ever new clarity.

Why did you become a certified Biodynamic Breathwork Practitioner?

I discovered Breathwork out of my own desire to change. I was told it was the fastest way to transform, and who doesn’t want the fast track! I was experiencing intense obsessive thinking along with an eating disorder, and these things were running my life. I was very disconnected from myself, lost and just not happy. I knew I needed help but felt resistance to let go of my old ways.

A little light inside led me on a quest to get to my core self. I was introduced to Biodynamic Breathwork, which proved a very powerful tool on my journey. It involves breathing in and out through the mouth only, which charges up the body with oxygen and allows for deep release to occur on a cellular level where pent up trauma has been stored.

The oxygen works like magic in clearing space for the new. When you introduce positive thinking into this new physical and mental environment, what you desire is allowed the chance to form.

My first Biodynamic Breathwork session was like a direct route back to myself. I cried when I discovered just how far away I’d gotten from myself. It was a bittersweet moment. I thought to myself - welcome home, Lisa.

It sounds like you were so impressed by Biodynamic Breathwork that you decided to become a Practitioner?

Isn’t that how it always works? What we learn, we teach! Yes, the profound shifts that occurred for me had me fall in love with the breath. After all… how we breathe is how we live. I never intended to use my certification, but as it happens, I’ve started to share the breath through workshops and retreats and still doing it!

How has working as a Graphic Designer helped you in the world of healing?

Graphic design is again a place of problem solving but in a visual arena. People come to me when they’re needing a brand or when they’re wanting to evolve their current business, so as a Graphic Designer, I help people think strategically to align their ideas WITH their personal goals. A business is an extension of who they are - essentially, I am designing ‘them’ into business. So merging my graphic design with business coaching and lifestyle creation simply made sense in practice.

How has your own battle with eating disorders influenced your path today?

My latest workshops are called “‘Who Am I?' Breath + Movement” and run in direct parallel to my healing path.

When it comes to addictions, we need to ask ourselves: “Who am I without _______?” Fill in the blank: without that alcohol or food, without that thought, without that pattern.

That is what I want to challenge in people: the idea that discovering who you are without “that thing” can open up new identities as you learn to let go of the old ones. That is change.

So ultimately, whether I am having business, lifestyle, health or mindset conversations, I am helping people question the root of where they’ve constructed their identities - their thoughts. The answers are always in the questions. It all comes down to a relationship with yourself. What you keep saying to yourself is what creates your results in life. The answers are always in the questions. It all comes down to a relationship with yourself. What you keep saying to yourself is what creates your results in life.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

With so many techniques, how do you design your sessions?

They are unique for everybody. This means calling in the intuitive parts of me. I listen and strategize, I offer ideas and next steps. Sometimes I’ll guide a visualization or play out choices, and almost every session will include some brain reframing work. Reframing involves identifying exactly what you’re thinking - the literal words you are saying to yourself - and making sure they’re aligning with what you’re desiring. If they aren’t we come up with more aligned statements.

In the “Who am I?” workshops, we start each class with a self-inquiry form. The mind is not to be dismissed, but to be conditioned into the role of servant, not master. This reformatting is supported by positive affirmations and statements of declaration. It is said, “Where you fire, you wire!” Pumping the mind with positive thoughts can begin the shift in the brain you need for positive change to take occur and last.

I am not saying that when you leave my workshop you are healed or cured! Rather, you will have successfully begun the process of rewiring your brain by shifting your dialogue. From there you need a practice of consistency, commitment and support.

In addition to the breathing, we use other modalities to facilitate this healing process, including yoga, dance, meditation, and chanting.

Not everybody needs to be still to listen. Some people actually need to move!

Is movement part of your Workshops?

Yes, the workshops are a combination of yoga, dance, sound and body activations, stillness and breathwork. This style of breathing is considered an active meditation. It is not passive and does require effort.

I merge my background and skills with my business partner and dear friend, Natalie Pierson, who is an integrated Body and Energy Healer. Between the two of us, we have a very special dynamic and people love the vibe in the room. Natalie leads the yoga portion, and I lead the breathwork session. We do a variety of things together in between, depending on the theme. We use the chakra system as our theme, teaching people about the energy centers of the body and how to access their wisdom and apply it to their life.

Even though the work is deep, we try to make transformation and personal development fun. We bring music from all over the world and make it less about digging out the shadows and more about creating the light!

Who are your clients and what are they mostly looking to heal or create?

My clients are amazingly talented people looking to grow and reach their potential. My ability to deeply listen and extract information is the reason my clients came to me. And, because I can pull from the many different things I do, my clients feel safely contained to move through various aspects of their lives and so maybe rather than needing to hire 3 people, they find they just need me.

For example, you want to start a business - great! I know how to get you started both mentally and practically. If you have a health concern - great! Let’s uncover why that is showing up in your life and how to take empowered action.

Maybe you need to develop a stronger relationship with commitment or discipline to get to the gym or you want to love your body from a different perspective - great! We will break down easy to do steps that set you up for success. Or, maybe you want a meditation practice. No matter what it is, I am here to think strategically to help you create it.

My clients stay with me for many years as I become their witness, accountability buddy, partner in creation, journey mate, friend, mirror, sounding board and allow them to feel free to be themselves. I pride myself on being a judgment free zone.

It is all about the journey, not the destination, and I make the journey fun!

Tell me about your unique offering you call “High Vibe Day with Lisa”.

It is hard to put into words the magic that happens in this day. Essentially, I curate a unique experience that puts someone IN their next level life so they leave the ‘wanting of it’ and start embodying and actually living it. This begins to change their frequency and raise their vibe.

It is easy to stay in the wanting and desiring of something, but when you commit to change, the universe responds. So this day includes elements of detoxing on every level to make room for the new YOU, as we reprogram your outdated thinking. We create a body memory by living the next level and leave the wanting of it. It usually combines all of my talents into a fun day of evolving and you will come out the other side of this day with your brain reframed and the trajectory of your life attuned to a new frequency.

Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand. – Bob Proctor

Where would the day take place?

Even though we are out and about, there is intention brought to each space. Although I have a baseline day that I offer, I adjust its curation each time, depending on the person. There is always a detox portion, possibly in an urban sweat lodge or luxury water spa. We’ll eat healthy high vibe organic lunches that are also selected to meet the needs of my client. There are a few places to which I am affiliated, including a club where there are meditation rooms and other special spaces to experience.

The day can also happen in their home, which allows us to look to the surrounding environment to see what could be shifted to best support their next level growth.

The day, nonetheless, is intense! But it is inside the intensity that we push to the edges, and the edges are where the fear lives. If you see the fear and do it anyway, that is where change and confidence exist. I find that in our lives, a lot of the time we get to the edge of an emotion and we turn back around because we fear the unknown and do not know what is going to happen or how we’ll get through it.

The only way to it, is through it.

Tell me more about the idea behind The Science of Change™.

Two people I consider strong influences on this topic are Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor. They recorded audio tracks called the The 11 Forgotten Laws which I studied and I have them to thank for helping me heal and change. For me, these teachings did the best job of explaining why we get the results we do in our life and how to make change occur. I aspire to live them, teach them, share them. These laws created the foundation upon which I’ve built my own thinking and teachings to support others.

Inside of The Science of Change™, you’ll find "The Art of Communication”, because how we choose to engage with people (and ourselves) and the way we use our words can either enhance our life and relationships or throw us into drama, judgment and gossip, which are lower vibrations that only create more of the same. No one likes these spaces but we find ourselves there because of habit, so the work is about getting curious as to why things are happening, getting real with ourselves and owning the truth, and then being brave enough to take steps toward change.

It all comes down to communication with ourselves first, and then with others.

This whole thing was created because for a long time, I was saying mean and nasty things to myself about my body and who I was. I became isolated, sad and angry and I knew I needed to change my thinking. I studied successful people to find out what was enabling them to be successful. I discovered they all understood that their thoughts were creating their reality. Many of them harnessed the energy of the morning and had a routine which included meditation and positive thinking. They also used coaches themselves and valued support.

I was inspired by this morning routine concept and so I created my own routine that I can say proved to be one of the things to pull me out of debt and negative thinking… I now offer a workbook called “Wake + Make: How To Create A Morning Routine For Success”.

Do you consider yourself healed?

Thanks to this journey, I consider myself on the other side of many things. Healed, I don’t know. I am an ever evolving being and I think it’s less about being healed than about how I choose to move through life.

I currently have a very healthy relationship with food and finally have learned to eat only when I am hungry and for fuel, not emotionally. For the first time in many years, I love my body and have found acceptance and confidence. I have become aware of many old thoughts and stories and despite being attached to them sometimes, I know how to ride them out and make empowered choices.

I am in a constant state of self-discovery, and I am currently running an experiment on myself. I decided to stop drinking alcohol for 1 year. I wanted to see “Who am I? without that thing?”! This experiment has changed the trajectory of my life. Nine months in, I am a completely different person.

It turned out to be less about the alcohol and more about the decisions that go into making choices and staying committed. I hang out with healthier people. My social life has changed, my attitude and my energy have changed. Things I couldn't even imagine would happen, have happened!

I invite people to the question: Who are you without your story? Whether that is a substance, a toxic person or a thought. This is about challenging your patterns and asking yourself, "Is this mine?”, “Can I let it go?” and “Is this the master over me?”.

Our minds are programmed in two sensory ways: with what we heard and what we saw growing up. A lot of what we are repeating in our lives are things we saw and heard. As adults, we often don’t pause and ask ourselves, "Is that working for me now?”

As mentioned, I am a graphic designer and I also have a home product line called "Transform the Commonplace into a Conscious Space". These pieces are designed to support the reframing of your brain, through their purposeful infusion of words and digital art. The thinking behind the line is that, by being surrounded with “reframing” reminders, you’ll be supported in continually returning back to more elevated thoughts. For example, on your way to the kitchen you might pass by a work that says “I am grateful” and it suddenly snaps you out of the glass half empty thoughts you were just in, to those of gratitude and prosperity. Gratitude breeds more things to be grateful for.

What is your message to the world?

Be the creator of your life.

You always have a choice.

Your thoughts create things.

How you breathe is how you live.

I want to empower people to master their mind and think about what they think about.

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The Breath + Movement workshops:

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