Who can join HealthPRO?

Any certified health, wellness or fitness professional who provides legal service and who has a United States telephone number and valid email address.

How much does HealthPRO cost?

HealthPRO offers 3 pricing plans, Freelancer at $19.95/mo, HealthPRO at $29.95/mo and HealthPRO Plus at $39.95/mo, ideal for both new and established businesses. You get the exact features you need to help you achieve your current and future goals. For details of what each plan offers please visit our Homepage at www.healthpro.com.

What is the difference between the plans?

There are 3 different pricing tiers, Freelancer, HealthPRO and HealthPRO Plus. The different prices reflect the number of bookings that can go through the platform in any given month. The HealthPRO Plus plan allows the use of Class Schedules including unlimited enrollment.

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