How do I turn off or deactivate my profile?

If you really want to leave HealthPRO, which we hope you won’t, you can turn off all your availability and after a certain time period we will deactivate your profile.

How do reviews work?

After an appointment has been completed, your clients will receive an email requesting a review.

Can I edit or delete a review?

To ensure that your overall ratings and reviews are 100% genuine you will be unable to edit or delete reviews received by your client. If there is a spelling error in your review or if you have found yourself the recipient of an unfair review and wish to discuss further please contact  

Is it possible to migrate from other platforms and software to HealthPRO?

Migrating from other platforms to HealthPRO is fast, easy and free. Our support team is always available to assist you with any questions.

What is the link to my page so I can post it on social media or share it in my newsletter?

You will find your own unique link to your profile by pressing the Link to Public Profile button directly underneath your picture in your dashboard. (circled in yellow below)

 Link to Public Profile

Copy and paste the URL from the new window that pops up. The new URL has been highlighted below.

Please note: Your clients will only see your public profile and the information that is viewable to the public. They will NOT see the edit profile button which is circled in the image below. 


Can my existing clients leave reviews without booking on HealthPRO?

Any client both new and existing needs to have made a booking on the platform first. Once they have, they will be able to leave a review.

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