Getting Started

How much does HealthPRO cost?

HealthPRO charges a low 2% booking fee for each booking that takes place through the HealthPRO all in one solution. All payments are subject to standard credit card handling fees. Thre are no hidden costs, no exit fees, no commitments, no credit card required and no surprises!

What service types are there on HealthPRO to choose from as a professional?

The HealthPRO platform has hundreds of service types to choose from. If the service type you wish to use is not listed you can request it to be added. Please note, we reserve the right to reject service types that do not match our values. 

Who can list on HealthPRO?

Any certified professional in the Health, Wellness or Fitness field that provides a legal service or business from our wide list of categories and has official residence in the United States can list on HealthPRO.

Does HealthPRO support classes?

Currently you can only offer appointments. We will be adding exciting features for classes very soon.

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