I offer my services as home visits, can I still use the HealthPRO Platform?

Yes, it is actually one of the locations types that are available when setting up your profile.

You can offer home visits with HealthPRO straight from your dashboard as highlighted below. 


How can I set up my schedule?

Setting up your schedule is super easy with the HealthPRO wizard. Just add your location, times you are available, services available and fees. Don’t forget to update any changes you have made by pressing the save or update button in the dashboard where applicable. 

What if I left the Wizard, can I still complete my Profile?

Of course you can. When you return to HealthPRO, the wizard will automatically pop up where you left off.

What is my dashboard?

Your dashboard is your control center. You can access it on the top right, by clicking on the HealthPRO icon, next to your name. It’s where you can view and edit your profile, and manage your schedule, as well as setup your appointment availability and view your clients.

Can I upload images, and videos?

Yes, you can. We believe this will help people get to know you and help you market yourself better.

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