What happens if a customer cancels an appointment booked on HealthPRO?

If a customer cancels before your cancellation deadline, they can cancel or reschedule without charge. However, if they cancel after your cancellation deadline, they will be charged for the appointment, regardless. Currently, the cancellation period is 24 hours. We plan to give Professionals more flexibility in the near future.

I charge different rates for different services. Is this a problem?

No problem at all! HealthPRO gives you the ultimate flexibility to charge different rates and durations for each one of your services.

What online payment options do you support?

We currently support both PayPal and Stripe to make your online payments quick and simple.

Stripe is an online payment platform that enables you to pay for services securely online.  

Can I offer discounts to my clients?

Definitely! In order to offer your clients a custom rate, you will be required to make the booking yourself on behalf of your client. Go to “My Bookings” and select “Calendar”. Then either click the “Book a Session” button on the top right-hand side of the calendar or click on an appointment slot on the calendar. The client will need to approve the booking before we can charge their credit card.

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