Can I manually send a notification to a client about an upcoming appointment that is part of a package?

Yes, go to My Bookings tab, select Calendar, click on the relevant appointment and then push the Notify Client button.

Does HealthPRO send out reminders to my clients?

Yes! We will confirm and notify all appointments to the client. We will also notify them of any changes that you have made.

How will I be notified when a client books an appointment with me on HealthPRO?

You will automatically be alerted via email or text whenever a client books, reschedules or cancels an appointment.

Do I need to confirm a booking my client makes?

No, email confirmations will go out automatically when they have made a booking,

What happens if I book an appointment on behalf of my client?

When you book an appointment on behalf of your client, the appointment is considered pending until the client confirms it. The client will get daily reminders to confirm the appointment. Once the client confirms the booking, your dashboard and calendar will be updated automatically. There is also a notification within the dashboard.

How will I know if a client cancels an appointment?

When a client cancels an appointment, you will receive an email notification advising you that the appointment has been canceled and it will no longer appear on your calendar. If you cancel an appointment, your client will also be notified by way of email notification and will be offered the chance to reschedule for an alternative day. 

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