Does my HealthPRO schedule sync with third-Party calendars?

Yes, we currently synch with Google, and will support other calendars in the near future.

How do I connect my Google Calendar to my HealthPRO Calendar?

You can sync your google calendar to your HealthPRO calendar by clicking the ‘Connect with your Google Calendar’ button on the top right side of your Dashboard. Next choose the Google account you wish to use and press allow.  

After connecting to a Google account, any Google calendars used with your Google account will appear on the HealthPRO calendar settings page. Next, select your “Main Booking Calendar” which will sync to HealthPRO and allow any existing appointments or Blocked time in the HealthPRO calendar to appear in your Google calendar and at the same time ensure that any events from the Google calendar will remove availability from your HealthPRO public profile.

What is the difference between the Main booking calendar and Blocking time in Calendar Settings?

The Main Calendar is a two way sync. Both your HealthPRO calendar and Google Calendar will share the same information in real time. So any events on one calendar will automatically update and populate the other calendar immediately.  

The Blocking time is a one way sync. Here, only your Google calendar will share information with your HealthPRO calendar and immediately remove availability from your HealthPRO public profile. Any events from your Google Calendar will appear in your HealthPRO calendar.

I use multiple Google Calendars every day (two for business use and one for personal). How do I ensure that only my business calendars shows up in my HealthPRO calendar?

You can simply add and disconnect additional Google calendars to your HealthPRO calendar. To ensure that only your business calendars are connected, set up one calendar using your main Google account as explained above. Afterward, add an additional calendar using the small gear icon located in the top right area of the My Calendar section.  

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