Is there a limit to the number of packages I can set up on my account?

You can set up as many packages as you need on your account.

Can I make amendments to my package after it is set up?

Yes for sure. You can easily make changes to your package at any time by clicking on the desired package and changing the details. The changes apply immediately.

If I delete or make changes to a package, what will happen to an existing package that clients have bought?

Any packages previously bought by clients before the changes were made will remain the same and not affect the client’s existing package.

I offer several different services can I create a package that combines different services?

Yes, when you set up a new package, you will see a list of all the services you provide with a checkbox next to them. You can check each of the services you would like to include in your package.

Can I offer more than one package for one service?

Yes, as long as the details of the service are different, for example, the duration or price, you can offer as many packages as you wish for each of the services you provide.

When do I get paid for a package?

As soon as your client purchases a package, you will get paid immediately and his HealthPRO account will be credited in accordance with the number of visits pertaining to the package.

Can I cancel an appointment that is part of a package?

Yes, go to My Bookings tab and select Calendar. Then click on the desired appointment and click on the cancel button on the popup. The session will be added back to his package credits.

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