Professional Full Feature List
  • About You

    Every health and wellness professional has their unique story, share yours.

  • Social Links

    Let people connect to you from their favorite social networks.

  • Certificates & Experience

    Showcase the hard work you put in to become certified.

  • Conditions & Concerns

    Do you have expertise treating specific conditions? Let clients know.

  • Special Needs

    Do you work with niche clients? Feature your specialties in your profile.

  • Photos & Media

    Upload unlimited photos and share your YouTube videos with users.

Location & Pricing

Multiple locations and pricing options

  • All appointment types: office, home visits, conference calls
  • Showcase multiple office locations
  • Choose from hundreds of service types
  • Set up multiple appointment durations
Calendar & Scheduling

Seamless calendar setup

  • Calendar synchronization with Google
  • Easy to setup schedule
  • Instant bookings
  • 24 hour Cancellation Policy
  • Client email reminders
Billing & Payments

Seamless and secure payout solution -- Never miss a payment again

  • Major credit cards accepted
  • Quick Payout via Stripe™ within 72 hours
  • No withdrawal fees
  • No monthly fees
Two-way Instant Messaging

HealthPROs integrated messaging application provides instant messaging between professionals and clients directly from your dashboard. All messages are automatically saved.

How Your Clients Will Benefit
  • Read & write reviews
  • Free rescheduling & cancellations
  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Multiple payment options
  • Email notifications and reminders
  • Easy social login through Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Instant messaging
  • Add-to-calendar feature
  • Mobile app available on iPhone
More Features Coming Soon
Managing your business gets even simpler!
  • SMS Alerts
  • Upload a list of your existing clients
  • Classes and group bookings
  • Intake forms
HealthPRO's marketing suite will help you find new clients
  • Email marketing templates
  • Coupon codes
  • Off-peak pricing option
  • Last minute deals
We Value Your Input!

HealthPRO is commited to being the best all-in-one solution for your business. Let us know which features can help you manage your business.

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