Meet Our Founders
  • Reuven Jacob
    Reuven Jacob
    Co-Founder / CEO

    Reuven is a serial entrepreneur with a flair for the creative and inventive. Previously, he founded Baruch Haba, a tourism and hospitality business. He also directed sales for Rumplers Foods where he successfully pursued and developed distribution channels for nutritious and affordable foods for local public consumption.

  • Suzi Zettel, MSW
    Suzi Zettel, MSW
    Co-Founder and VP of Therapeutic Services

    Suzi is a practicing Yoga Instructor and a certified yoga and family therapist. She is dedicated to helping her colleagues identify and overcome the challenges of being a health, wellness and fitness professional. Passionate about health, children, human rights, poverty, and the environment, Suzi is busy making the world a better place.

  • Harry Zettel
    Harry Zettel
    VP of Business Development

    Harry brings decades of startup experience together with an expertise in accounting. Harry was previously a Managing Partner and VP of Business Development at Global Asset Tracing Inc. and a Partner at Perry Krieger and Associates Inc., a boutique insolvency firm in Toronto, Canada. Harry is the financial guru who turns inspirational ideas into fiscally responsible and successful realities.

  • Sam Capuano
    Sam Capuano

    Sammy is a successful entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people. Sammy has started and invested in nearly a dozen startups and social-responsibility ventures. Most recently, Sammy was Founder and Chairman of GreenSmoke, an industry-leading electronic cigarette company with over 150 employees. In 2014, GreenSmoke was sold to Altria Group Inc., the parent company of Philip Morris USA.

  • Daniel Treisman
    Daniel Treisman

    Daniel Treisman is a serial entrepreneur, media and internet advertising expert. He is the Editor and Managing Director of the popular news and entertainment website, Inquisitr, which garners over 30 million unique views each month. Daniel is also the founder and CEO of Guru Media, a traffic acquisition portal for media and retail websites.

Meet The Team
  • Jennifer Dentes
    Jennifer Dentes
    Graphic Designer

    Jennifer is a traditional graphic artist and web designer who takes great pride in designing clean and functional websites. Extremely self-motivated and detail-oriented, Jennifer loves a challenge and enjoys simplifying complex projects. She excels at remaining focused on the needs of the user to provide a top quality compelling visual experience.

  • Eli De Mayo
    Eli De Mayo
    Backend Developer

    Eli is a backend developer with years of experience programming across multiple platforms, languages and technologies while working with hi-tech startups. Eli is well known for his remarkable ability stay calm and focused, even in the most stressful situations, to consistently deliver a high quality product. In his spare time, Eli volunteers as an animal rescuer.

  • Esther Richey<
    Esther Richey
    Customer Service Sales Agent

    Esther brings over 15 years experience in sales across various products and target demographics. Her razor-focused drive has helped her achieve success in previous positions, including in her most recent post as a partner responsible for sales growth in a leading real estate firm. Esther uses her skills and experience to understand and meet the unique needs of each customer.

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